Subject Information


  1. To promote learning to learn through four key tasks.
  2. To enhance learning and teaching in various KLAs, including strengthening critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills in all KLAs.
  3. To make good use of effective learning and teaching strategies to help pupils to attain all-round development and life-long learning as well as life wide learning.


  1. To develop and improve pupils' English proficiency in the four skills of English.
  2. To stimulate pupils to gain knowledge of English through providing a language rich environment and opportunities to achieve successful achievement in learning and using English.
  3. To cultivate pupils' interests in reading and improve the quality of reading habit through reading workshops and programmes.
  4. To arouse and uphold pupils' interests in learning English through meaningful task-based teaching and learning.
  5. To cater for pupils' learning diversity by designing grading teaching and learning materials, enrichment and intervention programmes according to the needs of our pupils.
  6. To appraise teaching practices openly, through visiting each other's lessons and collaborative teaching and sharing.
  7. To share or make available support to our English subject teachers and help them develop innovative learning and teaching methods / strategies, materials, tasks and activities suited to the needs of our pupils.
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